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Board of Trustees Tulsa Tough, Inc.

Kristi Prough feels most at home behind the pages of a good book or eating popcorn while watching a movie, preferably at the Circle Cinema. She loves to ride her bike and is passionate about sharing the joy discovered while riding good singletrack or a newly paved road. She loves Turkey Mountain. She prefers to work behind the scenes helping people, causes, or events fulfill their goals and has done so at the local and state level for the past 20 years. 


Kristi Prough

Kevin O’Sullivan has been an active cyclist for 35+ years while being a father to a son and daughter, who are both competitive cyclists.  As a retired business leader, he has a long history of local and national volunteer leadership and when not volunteering, rides his bike and spends an inordinate amount of time in coffee shops.  Why Tulsa Tough – I’m Passionate about the mission – Elevate Tulsa's profile and promote active lifestyles.


Kevin O’Sullivan

Justin Heinecke, his wife Hayden and three children moved back to Tulsa after he promised his crew to someday get them back closer to family. After playing football and graduating from the University of Tulsa, Justin began his career in the energy industry working for Williams before ultimately landing with his current employer, QuikTrip. Justin has always believed in serving the local community through channels he is passionate about.  Cycling has always been an activity he’s enjoyed and since becoming an empty nester Justin has focused his energy into time with his wife on anything with two wheels.  Justin currently races and helps support cycling locally through Sentir Racing and also enjoys cycling with 36P when not competing. Serving Tulsa through Tulsa Tough is a natural extension of combining his community support convictions with his passion for cycling.

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Justin Heinecke

Malcolm McCollam “I’m just a kid who grew up hearing his mom say, “Get outside, and stay outside!” That meant summers exploring drainage ditches, creeks, construction sites, parks and anywhere else he could get to on his Western Flyer Sting Ray purchased with earnings from mowing neighborhood lawns. He graduated to a Sears 10 speed in high school and used it to ride to work at the Ranch Mart movie theatre which is how he discovered the joys of night riding. The bike got destroyed while he attended the University of Kansas, but not his love for riding. After an initial career as a National Bank Examiner and graduating from law school, he moved to Tulsa to begin practicing law, and rediscovered his love of riding. Malcolm joined the Tulsa Wheelmen in the early 1980s and still belongs to that club. He did bike races in the summer and running races in the fall and winter. He co-founded the Maple Ridge Run, helped direct the cycling portion of the first Saint Francis Corporate Challenge and is a co-founder of the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough. After 20 years of being around the cycling community as both a rider and organizer, he believed he had made enough mistakes to be in a position to contribute to the creation of something special and feels blessed to be surrounded by the right combination of talent and energy to have made SFTT what it is today.

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Malcolm McCollam

Chris Zenthoefer raised in Tulsa, Chris is a lifelong cyclist and outdoor enthusiast. Chris loves road cycling, mountain biking, and commuting around town on his Turbo e-bike. A recovered racer, Chris now just rides for fun with friends, pinning on a race number a couple of times a year. Chris is an active community volunteer, focused on helping Tulsa find it's moxy. Chris was a founder of Tulsa Tough and has served as a chairman of the board of trustees. Professionally, Chris has been an entrepreneur many times over with early onset grey hair to prove it. Today, Chris leads Digital Products and Services for McElroy Manufacturing.


Chris Zenthoefer

Ryan Barry and his wife Sara moved to Tulsa 21 years ago and never looked back.  Ryan is a physical therapist who co-founded  Green Country Rehabilitation, a therapy staffing company  which was later acquired by Heath Pro Heritage, where he continues to work.  He loves traveling with his wife and their two children.  He leads an active lifestyle, running and cycling with friends as often as possible.  He has enjoyed participating in Tulsa Tough since 2008 and believes Tulsa Tough brings many benefits to the Tulsa community. 


Ryan Barry

Tonja Carrigg Growing up in rural Southern Indiana, Tonja and her brother caught the cycling bug riding dirt trails we’d crafted in the neighborhood.  Moving to attend The University of Tulsa in 1986 she fell for the city’s outdoor vibe, especially at River Parks. She met her husband Tim, a passionate cyclist, in 1999 at Tulsa’s Oktoberfest.  Active lifestyles for them both include cycling and volunteering to support local non-profit organizations and their festivals and events, primarily Tulsa Wheelmen, Tulsa’s Oktoberfest, Route 66 Marathon, and of course, Saint Francis Tulsa Tough.  As part of Tulsa Tough since its inception, “we are overwhelmed by the impact this grassroots event continues to have on our own lives, in the community, and far beyond Tulsa”. 


Tonja Carrigg

Jason Percy has been in Tulsa over 30 years and has enjoyed watching the restoration and revitalization of the places and events that make Tulsa such a unique place to live. Tulsa Tough is one of those events that highlights the spirit of Tulsans while showcasing the landscape and some of the city’s special landmarks. Jason graduated from the University of Tulsa while playing football and is now a proud husband and father of three. He traded in the football helmet for a bike helmet and enjoys riding with friends and pulling Ryan Barry around the trails of Tulsa. Why Tulsa Tough: "If you have been to the event, you already know the answer to that question…. If you have not been, come check it out and enjoy… Afterward, let us know how you would rank it among the other tremendous events in the city."

JP Pic.jpg

Jason Percy

Katy Rich is a native of Pennsylvania but moved to Oklahoma about 20 years ago, residing in Norman for many years before making her way to Tulsa. She is an avid cyclist and, along with her husband and two sons, they are a bike-loving family. She is excited to help elevate the profile of Tulsa and promote cycling and other active lifestyles through her involvement with Tulsa Tough. When not riding her bike, Katy works in GIS and Asset Management at Williams, plays flute in the Tulsa Community College Community Band, serves on the board for Street School, travels with her family, and spends time with her two golden retrievers.

SFTT pic.jpg

Katy Rich

Alejandro Muñozcano is the Sales Manager for Tyler Media in Tulsa, OK. He is originally from Mexico City, Mexico but has lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the past 27 years. He graduated from Spartan School of Aeronautics in 1998 and he has an extended knowledge in Customer Service and Media Sales. He likes to be involved with the community and presently serves on the Board of Directors for Tulsa Global Alliance. He likes to spend time with his family, his wife Carla, and his two children Sofia and Alejandro. In his spare time, he likes to read, fly, travel, watch movies and learn about other cultures.


Alejandro Muñozcano  

Tim O’Sullivan arrived in Tulsa in 2000 - one more stop in another city along the career path of an itinerant energy industry executive. Deciding their kids needed to be settled into place as they entered high school, a call was made to put an end to relocating the family. The decision to make Tulsa the permanent home for the family could not have turned out better. He and wife, Melissa, have four children and eight grandkids. Tim has been an avid cyclist with the 36P team in Tulsa since 2005, getting on a bike when joint injuries put a stop to high-impact activities. He has been a civic volunteer with several non-profit organizations and is delighted to join the board of Tulsa Tough. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Tulsa Tough weekend for Tim has been hosting cycling teams in his home. He has met wonderful cyclists from all over the U.S. (and Australia!) who appreciate everything about the event, city and people who provide such a warm welcome and festive occasion.    


Tim O'Sullivan

Drew Crawford 


Drew Crawford

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