2014 Women's
Crowd Prime

“I asked a few women racers, ‘What’s the biggest prime you’ve ever heard of and the number I got back was $1,500. ‘Okay’ I thought. ‘That’s the number to beat.’”
  –  Ron LeMieux, SARIS Cycling Group

Mission accomplished.
Record broken.

For the record, primes (pronounced preems, after the French word for "gift", is an abbreviation of "premium") are based on small sprints within a longer race. Primes are a way to encourage more competitive riding and typically offer a prize to the winner of the next lap. Basically it is a mini race within a race.  

SARIS Cycling Group and Saint Francis Tulsa Tough will spread the cash prize incentives throughout all the women’s fields, which will make for some exciting racing! In 2013, you helped raise the largest-ever crowd prime for the Pro Women racing. We gave away more than $9,000 in primes to all women racers!

SARIS Cycling Group is ready to repeat that challenge and match up to $1,000 donated for the women’s crowd prime. So, look for the giant baby bottles being passed out in the crowd and drop in a few bones or click the button below and get started early.